Angler Of The Year

(2017, 2018)

Ken Roundtree started bass fishing about thirty years ago while living in Miami, Florida. He mostly fished the South Florida lakes, canals, and Florida’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Okeechobee.After retirement from the fire department, Ken and his wife Libbie relocated to Georgia where he began bass fishing more seriously. Ken learned of Rodbenders Bass Club and decided this was the bass club for him, becoming a Rod Benders Bass Club member in 2014.

Ken shares “it’s been a real learning experience. My bass fishing skills have improved greatly from things that I learned from veteran and new Rod Benders. It’s a great honor to have been crowned Rod Benders “Angler of the Year” for 2017 and 2018. I will strive to represent the Rod Benders in a manner that makes my fellow members and fisherman proud.”

Ken is a back to back “Angler of the Year” winner and the recipient of the following accolades:

Angler of The Year



Angler of the Year standings

2014 2nd

2015 5th

2016 6th

Big Fish of the Year

2015 8.19 lbs.

Who’s Your Daddy? Award