Rod Bender Nicholas Clark “Goes Back To Pre- School” For Career Day

In our ongoing effort to expose the youth to the positive aspects of fishing, Rod Bender Nicholas Clark spent time with the kids at Discovery Point Pre-K in Dacula Georgia at their “Career Day” program as a featured guest speaker where he talked to the kids and teachers about various related topics:

“I talked to the kids first about the importance of staying in school and using that as a tool to succeed in life.

I used fishing as a way to stay out of trouble and a way to stay active in your community by cleaning in and around lakes and ponds while fishing. We talked about some of the different things the Rod Benders do in and around the community from boat shows at schools, to our Kids Fishing Derby. We ended by talking about recycling and (in 4 year old fashion) different types of fish and their fishing stories.

I had fun and they learned that fishing affects all walks of life, the Rod Benders believe we have to reach them at an earlier age with positive influences and direction when ever possible”

Great job Nicholas!

* Kids Derby 2018 Coming August 18, 2018 *

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A Special Thank You To Our Friends Jamie Dowd and Jessie Purnell from the Department Of Natural Resources at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center for their assistance in helping us make the event successful for the kids and their families! 

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